Rick is still working at ANO as the NCIS (IT to the rest of the world) Manager for Entergy.  We're hoping he will retire when he turns 55.

He is also helping Heather and Scotty remodel a house they bought and moved to their land outside of Dover.  It's coming along, but never seems to go as fast as we envision.

Bethany is still loving being a full-time Mamaw to Devon.

And she is thoroughly enjoying the 'digital age'.  She's learning all she can about digital video editing, and creating DVDs.  And let's not forget digital imaging.  She could probably sit in front of the computer 24/7 if life didn't demand her attention.

Bethany's mom, Sarah, is living in Dover in a house she bought.  It was a real fixer-upper.  But with a lot of help from all of us, it's a real cute house now.  Sarah loves flower-gardening, and has people stop by her house to tell her she has one of the prettiest yards in town.

Bethany's sister, Stephanie, is moving to Russellville the weekend of August 14th.  Now that the Three Musketeers (or is that Stooges?) will be together again, we better issue a warning to the state of Arkansas and surrounding areas. :o)

We had a very sad day in April.  We had to have our dog (Rick's best friend), Tundra, put to sleep after 14 1/2 wonderful years with him.  You can see pictures of him on our Photos page.

Our house has now been taken over by CATS!  Rick keeps saying we need to thin the herd.  But, Bethany has a hearing problem.  Therefore, the herd is growing.  We still have Kodi, our rather large black Persian.  He just turned 12 in July, and misses Tundra terribly.  They were best buddies.  And we have Buffy and Angel, twin flame-point Himalayans.  They are only 1 1/2, and still behaving like insane kittens.  We bred Angel (he really is a boy) with our vet's female, Halle, before we had him permanently 'fixed'.  Angel and Halle produced four beautiful babies.  They had three seal-points (one girl and two boys) and one black tortoise shell (a girl).  We are keeping one of the boy seal-points, and have named him Angel Smoke (Smokey).  The other three already have homes waiting on them.  They were sold for $250 each, making Rick think we're in the wrong business.  But, of course, Angel can no longer produce babies.  So we won't be going into the cat-breeding business.